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EasyChair Preprint no. 1052, version 3

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10 pagesDate: July 6, 2019


Through the introduction of the new subject media and computer science in the context of the curriculum 21 at German-Swiss elementary schools, keep u.a. Informatic and media-pedagogical contents entering the classroom from kindergarten level. Teachers of all grades are therefore required to develop their own competencies to help their students in the learning process. In particular, the programming lessons needed a lot of skills. In order to explain comprehensibly the processes of a problem process in programming (Computational Thinking) for teachers, the author has developed a model. The so-called TPA model (Thinking, Processing, Acting) shows the basic work steps in solving a problem from everyday life to the realization in a physical model, such as. a robot or microboard. In a further development step, the TPA model was used in practical work to reduce problem-based tasks and convey the basic programming concepts.

Keyphrases: Algorithmen, computational thinking, CS Unplugged, physical computing, Problembasierte Aufgaben, Programmieren

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