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A Video Game as a Resource to Learn About Road Education for Children

EasyChair Preprint no. 11366

10 pagesDate: November 22, 2023


new generations have been born in the digital age and today's children learn to use devices almost at the same time that they start to walk or talk. It is not uncommon to see a child expertly manipulate a mobile phone or a computer to play their favorite game. Video games are undoubtedly one of the most common forms of entertainment today, even they manage to cross the borders of leisure and are used in education and learning. In this sense, we will focus on Traffic Education. In Cuba, work has been done for several years in the search for efficient tools to strengthen the road culture of the population and turn its citizens into true agents of change in its prevention from an early age. Technology can be a tool to contribute to the achievement of this purpose. Therefore, it is intended in this research: Design a simple video game for children on Driver Education with emphasis on traffic signs. The videogame "Vía a la vida" was developed in C++ and is considered a fresh and easy-to-use solution for our children to learn about traffic signs in dynamic situations and at the same time gain life skills.The
Keywords: videogames, driver's education, transit

Keyphrases: educación vial, Tránsito, Videojuegos

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