Virtual Conference Solution Demo

How to Request a Demo

Log in to EasyChair. You will be in the "My EasyChair" environment. Click on VCS in the main menu and follow the instructions.

The demo is free and you are not obligated to purchase a VCS license if you test the demo.

Please note that you should request a demo only if you are in charge of a virtual (online) conference and are looking for a solution.

Please note that we expect a large number of requests and cannot guarantee to arrange a demo for you quickly. We may decide to favor conferences whose dates are approaching.

How Does it Work?

We will arrange a demo session for you. It will be run in the same way as it would be run in the full version of VCS.

  1. We will create a mock session for you. The session will consist of two talks.
  2. You can use the talks we have prepared or change them to your own talks.
  3. You will need several people for testing: a session chair, two presenters (one for each talk) and up to seven participants. We currently restrict a demo to 10 people altogether.
  4. You will need slides for each of the talks. We will let you choose slides from those published in the EasyChair Smart Slide collection. You can also publish your own slides and use them.

Included Features

We wanted to make the demo as simple as possible so that you can have an idea of how VCS works. So we have included the following basic features:

  1. The roles of session chair, presenter and participant.
  2. A typical session workflow: session chair time, presentations and questions.
  3. Use of slides by presenters.

VCS is a result of months of our hard work, without weekends and holidays, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are changing and extending it with new features every day, based on the needs of conferences. We will add more information about available features after arranging a few demos.


Please use our contact page for any questions. We will add frequently asked questions on this page in due time.