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Revisiting Question Answering in Vampire

11 pagesPublished: June 29, 2018


Question answering is the process of taking a conjecture existentially quantified at the outer- most level and providing one or more instantiations of the quantified variable(s) as a form of an answer to the implied question. For example, given the axioms p(a) and f(a)=a the question ?[X] : p(f(X)) could return the answer X=a. This paper reviews the question answering prob- lem focussing on how it is tackled within the VAMPIRE theorem prover. It covers how VAMPIRE extracts single answers, multiple answers, disjunctive answers, and answers involving theories such as arithmetic. The paper finishes by considering possible future directions, such as integration with finite model finding.

Keyphrases: Question Answering, theorem proving, Vampire

In: Laura Kovács and Andrei Voronkov (editors). Vampire 2017. Proceedings of the 4th Vampire Workshop, vol 53, pages 64--74

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