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Does your approach matter ?

4 pagesPublished: December 13, 2022


There is controversy regarding the effect of different approaches on recovery after THR. Collecting detailed relevant data with satisfactory compliance is difficult.
Our retrospective observational multi-center study aimed to find out if the data collected via a remote coaching app can be used to monitor the speed of recovery after THR using the anterolateral (ALA), posterior (PA) and the direct anterior approach (DAA).
771 patients undergoing THR from 13 centers using the moveUP platform were identified. 239 had ALA, 345 DAA and 42 PA. There was no significant difference between the groups in the sex of patients or in preoperative HOOS Scores. There was however a significantly lower age in the DAA (64,1y) compared to ALA (66,9y), and a significantly lower Oxford Hip Score in the DAA (23,9) compared to PA (27,7). Step count measured by an activity tracker, pain killer and NSAID use was monitored via the app. We recorded when patients started driving following surgery, stopped using crutches, and their HOOS and Oxford hip scores at 6 weeks.
Overall compliance with data request was 80%. Patients achieved their preoperative activity level after 25.8, 17,7 and 23.3 days, started driving a car after 33.6, 30.3 and 31.7 days, stopped painkillers after 27.5, 20.2 and 22.5 days, NSAID after 30.3, 25.7, and 24.7 days for ALA, DAA and PA respectively. Painkillers were stopped and preoperative activity levels were achieved significantly earlier favoring DAA over ALA. Similarly, crutches were abandoned significantly earlier (39.9, 29.7 and 24.4 days for ALA, DAA and PA respectively) favoring DAA and PA over ALA. HOOS scores and Oxford Hip scores improved significantly in all 3 groups at 6 weeks, without any statistically significant difference between groups in either Oxford Hip or HOOS subscores.
No final conclusion can be drawn as to the superiority of either approach in this study but the remote coaching platform allowed the collection of detailed data which can be used to advise patients individually, manage expectations, improve outcomes and identify areas for further research.

Keyphrases: medical application, surgery approach, total hip arthroplasty

In: Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena, Joshua W Giles and Eric Stindel (editors). Proceedings of The 20th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, vol 5, pages 134--137

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