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Smart bracelet for anxiety

4 pagesPublished: February 16, 2023


This paper introduces a novel non-invasive wearable device that can infer whether people are suffering from anxiety or not. The device allows capturing physiological signals such as: electrodermal activity (EDA), skin temperature (ST), electrocardiography (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG), and provides an estimation of blood pressure -through the pulse transit time (PTT) technique- and breathing rate (BR) -by analyzing the heart rate variability-. The hardware also includes an SD card to store the signals for offline processing in laboratory tests.

Keyphrases: anxiety, ECG, EDA, PPG

In: Alvaro Leitao and Lucía Ramos (editors). Proceedings of V XoveTIC Conference. XoveTIC 2022, vol 14, pages 88--91

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