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The Turing O-Machine and the DIME Network Architecture: Injecting the Architectural Resiliency into Distributed Computing

13 pagesPublished: June 22, 2012


Turing’s o-machine discussed in his PhD thesis can perform all of the usual operations of a Turing machine and in addition, when it is in a certain internal state, can also query an oracle for an answer to a specific question that dictates its further evolution. In his thesis, Turing said 'We shall not go any further into the nature of this oracle apart from saying that it cannot be a machine.’ There is a host of literature discussing the role of the oracle in AI, modeling brain, computing, and hyper-computing machines. In this paper, we take a broader view of the oracle machine inspired by the genetic computing model of cellular organisms and the self-organizing fractal theory. We describe a specific software architecture implementation that circumvents the halting and un-decidability problems in a process workflow computation to introduce the architectural resiliency found in cellular organisms into distributed computing machines. A DIME (Distributed Intelligent Computing Element), recently introduced as the building block of the DIME computing model, exploits the concepts from Turing’s oracle machine and extends them to implement a recursive managed distributed computing network, which can be viewed as an interconnected group of such specialized oracle machines, referred to as a DIME network. The DIME network architecture provides the architectural resiliency through auto-failover; auto-scaling; live-migration; and end-to-end transaction security assurance in a distributed system. We demonstrate these characteristics using prototypes without the complexity introduced by hypervisors, virtual machines and other layers of ad-hoc management software in today’s distributed computing environments.

Keyphrases: Autonomic Computing, DIME Network Architecture, distributed computing, FCAPS, oracle machine, Turing machine

In: Andrei Voronkov (editor). Turing-100. The Alan Turing Centenary, vol 10, pages 239--251

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