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Automated Cradle

7 pagesPublished: August 5, 2017


The project idea develops from the very fact that a woman finds it difficult to concentrate on her child owing to her busy schedule of house life. The situation aggravates when she has a job or has some household business, since she can neither compromise with her work nor she can ignore her child’s needs. Many devices are available to ease her task and help her to balance between her work and the needs of her child. Our Automated Cradle proposes to be one of them. Unlike some of the existing designs, which uses a microprocessor as the controlling unit, the proposed model uses IR wireless technology for less complexity and easy access and the slider crank mechanism used for the swing makes the transition smooth. The user can control the swinging speed of cradle by a remote. The model here has two variable speeds for the cradle swing, which is advantageous in many ways. Once the baby is asleep, the cradle can be brought to low power mode with normal swing.

Keyphrases: Automatic swing, childcare, IR connection, remote control, Wet detection

In: Ajitkumar Shukla, J. M. Patel, P. D. Solanki, K. B. Judal, R. K. Shukla, R. A. Thakkar, N. P. Gajjar, N. J. Kothari, Sukanta Saha, S. K. Joshi, Sanjay R. Joshi, Pranav Darji, Sanjay Dambhare, Bhupendra R. Parekh, P. M. George, Amit M. Trivedi, T. D. Pawar, Mehul B. Shah, Vinay J. Patel, Mehfuza S. Holia, Rashesh P. Mehta, Jagdish M. Rathod, Bhargav C. Goradiya and Dharita K. Patel (editors). ICRISET2017. International Conference on Research and Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology. Selected Papers in Engineering, vol 1, pages 226--232

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