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Composable Packages for Higher Order Logic Theories

15 pagesPublished: May 15, 2012


Interactive theorem proving is tackling ever larger formalization and verification projects, and there is a critical need for theory engineering techniques to support these efforts. One such technique is effective package management, which has the potential to simplify the development of logical theories by precisely checking dependencies and promoting re-use. This paper introduces a domain-specific language for defining composable packages of higher order logic theories, which is designed to naturally handle the complex dependency structures that often arise in theory development. The package composition language functions as a module system for theories, and the paper presents a well-defined semantics for the supported operations. Preliminary tests of the package language and its toolset have been made by packaging the theories distributed with the HOL Light theorem prover. This experience is described, leading to some initial theory engineering discussion on the ideal properties of a reusable theory.

Keyphrases: higher-order logic, package management, theory development

In: Markus Aderhold, Serge Autexier and Heiko Mantel (editors). VERIFY-2010. 6th International Verification Workshop, vol 3, pages 79--93

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