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DQBDD: An Efficient BDD-Based DQBF Solver

EasyChair Preprint no. 5948

11 pagesDate: June 28, 2021


This paper introduces a new DQBF solver called DQBDD, which is based on quantifier localization, quantifier elimination, and translation of formulas to binary decision diagrams (BDDs). In 2020, DQBDD participated for the first time in the Competitive Evaluation of QBF Solvers (QBFEVAL’20) and won the DQBF Solvers Track by a large margin.

Keyphrases: BDD, bdd based solver, Binary Decision Diagram, dependency quantified Boolean formula, DQBDD, DQBF, quantifier elimination, Quantifier Localization, solver

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