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Interaction with IOT Comfort Technologies for Deaf and Dumb People

EasyChair Preprint no. 6551

16 pagesDate: September 7, 2021


Sign language is usually spoken by the deaf and dumb community. However, there are many available constraints in this. The first being that there are around 138 to 300 total sign languages that are currently in use around the world so there is no cohesiveness between them all. This elongates the already huge communication gap not only between the non-sign language speakers but also the people who are part of this community. Secondly, not many people or rather the majority of the people capable of speaking and listening, don't bother to pick up and learn sign language. This distances people and prohibits them from communicating and connecting. People using sign languages also are unfortunate when it comes to modern and evolving technologies. What we hear today is “Voice-controlled”,” Voice-activated”,” Speak to control”, these are the new buzzwords of this century. The entire development of comfort technologies revolves around this idea of ease of use, replacing the old capacitive buttons with the voice as the trigger. It is uncommon for developers to think about those who don’t share the luxury of speaking and rely on their hands for communication. Pondering and researching about the feasibility of this concept of bringing the Internet of things for the people who talk through or whose voice is the Sign language, a new model is being discussed.

Keyphrases: Deaf and Dumb, gesture recognition, Hand Gesture, Internet of Things, sign language, Smart Home, Smart Home Appliance, virtual assistant device, voice control

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