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Solar Powered EV Charger Using RFID

EasyChair Preprint no. 7662

5 pagesDate: March 29, 2022


 As worlds resources are diminishing, govt. agencies and nongovernment organisation are pushing greener solution through the use of renewable energy’s sources. electric vehicles are being invented and in order to run the electric vehicle the fuel required is the electricity vehicles through the Electric vehicle smart charging station which is the promising alternative and environmentally sustainable solution to meet up the energy crisis. 
This project describes a EV battery charger using solar panel system based on RFID module.   This design is based on Arduino microcontroller with LCD displays showing the actual time left. During the time period, a relay output is latched. This can be used at Hotels, Conference centers, Exhibition halls, service offices, Shopping malls, Airports, Train terminals. So that the EV battery users can reactivate a low battery or dead battery by simply plug in & charging for one rupee.
The system battery will charge from the solar panel. Despite solar energy being a good source of energy, there is a need to improve the methods to harness this energy. 

Keyphrases: LCD, RFID, Solar panel

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