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Agent-Based Simulation of Socially-Inspired Model of Resistance against Unpopular Norms

EasyChair Preprint no. 1909

9 pagesDate: November 9, 2019


People live in a society adhering to different type of norms. Some of these norms are unpopular. Sometimes, for the overall societal good, it is necessary to oppose and possibly avert the unpopular norms. To achieve this goal, it is important to know the conditions which enable persistence of unpopular norms and models that support possible aversion of these. This study attempts to elaborate the conditions and reasons behind the emergence, spreading and aversion of unpopular norms in a society using theory-driven agent-based simulation. The simulation results revealed that, in addition to agents actively participating in averting the unpopular norm, incorporating a rational decision making model for normal agents is necessary to achieve a dominant norm aversion.

Keyphrases: agent-based modelling, Emperors Dilemma, Norm Aversion, simulation, Unpopular Norms

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