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Design and Development of Chain Lock Mechanism Using SideStand System

EasyChair Preprint no. 5468

8 pagesDate: May 5, 2021


In modern developing world, automatic plays important role especially two-wheeler i.e., (motorcycle and bikes) plays a major role Even though they are helpful there are some sad events like accidents due to careless of rider. Major accidents occur due to forgetting of lifting side stand. To rectify this problem many advance measure have taken, but they are useless, so as a by considering that it should be implemented practically in all types bikes the new system "SPROCKET SIDE STAND RETRIEVE SYSTEM" this system can be attached in all type of two-wheeler (mopeds, geared, non-geared, hand geared bikes) and it is designed based on the working principal of bikes. the percentage of two-wheeler motorcycle accidents increased due t/o the ignorance of the driver. Mostly the ignorance is observed in not removing the side stand before starting the two-wheeler motorcycle. The present study deals with the development of the side stand retrieval mechanism for a two-wheeler motorcycle to avoid accidents. The present study deals with the utilization of the chain sprocket mechanism with the attachment of the arm to retrieve the stand. The developed product will help to retrieve the stand automatically before the two-wheeler come into the motion.

Keyphrases: Accident Reduction, Chain Lock, mechanism, SIDE STAND, Two-wheeler, vehicle

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