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The Development of Solar Spider by Using Klann'S Mechanism for Artificial Intelligence Works

EasyChair Preprint no. 5931

8 pagesDate: June 27, 2021


A single leg consists of a six-bar linkage made up entirely of pivot joints that converts rotating motion into linear motion. One hundred and eighty degrees of the input crank results in the straight-line portion of the path traced by the foot. The result of two of these linkages coupled together at the crank and one-half cycle out of phase with each other is a device that can replace a wheel and allow the frame of the vehicle to travel relatively parallel to the ground. The remaining rotation of the input crank allows the foot to be raised to a predetermined height before returning to the starting position and repeating the cycle. Two of these legs coupled together at the crank can act as a wheel replacement and provide vehicles with a greater ability to handle obstacles and travel across uneven terrain while providing a smooth even ride. Initially it was called the Spider Bike but the applications for this linkage have expanded well beyond the initial design purpose of a human-powered walking machine. This linkage could be utilized almost anywhere a wheel is employed from small wind-up toys to large vehicles capable of transporting people

The relationships for the linkage have been established and are covered by several patents. The simplicity and scalability of the walking device, along with a little imaginative engineering, lead to numerous possibilities. The Klann linkage provides many of the benefits of more advanced walking vehicles without some of their limitations. It can step over curbs, climb stairs, or travel into areas that are currently not accessible with wheels but do not require microprocessor control or multitudes of inefficient actuator mechanisms. It fits into the technological void between these walking devices and axel-driven wheels.

Keyphrases: intelligent robot, Kinematic- Linkage, Klann Mechanism, Robotics- Memory, Robotics-Leg

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