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Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Healthcare Industry

EasyChair Preprint no. 10849

16 pagesDate: September 6, 2023


The study presents an innovative approach to incorporating AI-driven conversational agents (CAs) or social robots technologies into healthcare information systems (HISs) and revolutionizing healthcare delivery systems. The study aims to improve accessibility and personalization, and minimize adverse risks, especially in the emergency departments (EDs). The study investigates patient-related experiences, long waiting times, and overcrowding issues during peak hours in EDs. Design science research methodology (DSRM) principles were tailored with modelling workshop method to capture domain contextual knowledge and include practitioners' cognitive-tacit knowledge-ability into HIS to address the above-mentioned issues. The developed social robot artifact incorporates an artificial intelligence markup language (AIML) technique as a model to restore domain knowledge of EDs, which serves as a foundation for developing goal-oriented interactive conversational system artifact between humans and machines. As a result, the study contributes that CAs, considered value-added AI-driven applications such as CAs or social robots, serve as a coworker to facilitate healthcare practitioners and patients, catering to patients' needs and communication to enhance care delivery experience and improve information flow processes using interactive services within EDs. The research presents a promising solution to improve patient outcomes, reduce waiting times, and enhance communication between patients and practitioners in EDs.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), Conversational agents (CAs), Design Science Research (DSR), Health Information System (HIS), social robots

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