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Overcomplexified Norms Tend the Dependability of Physics More onto Mathematics Than Experiments

EasyChair Preprint no. 7953

12 pagesDate: May 15, 2022


Physics is no doubt pervasive and unbounded, that too, beyond the explanation of the explainable reality. Therefore, something being so vast, it’s impossible to chalk out theories for every consequences going on in nature in a perceptible ‘infinite macro’ and ‘infinitesimal micro’ domains. Thus, needs have arrived to classify, attribute the norm of nature through mathematical frameworks, thus being safe from the path of the stringent nature where conducting experiments is not only a ‘blind man’s dream of vision’ but something that is not at all worth, even thinking about. Thus, standing in that point, it’s better to rely on sole mathematical formulations to objectify reality through a sense of perceptions that are within the reach of the human minds imagination with extendable complexities. Qualitative viewpoints parsing over a brief epistemological reasoning through analysis of impactful decisions in course of thorough human civilizations have been taken to indemnify the causes with the associated effects, considering the facts, thinking and mindful exploratory approach of eminent thinkers of several centuries, providing a solution based models of analytical deductions in respect to the motive of this paper.

Keyphrases: Dependability of Physics on Mathematics, Philosophy of Physics, philosophy of science

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