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The Weighty Responsibility of Creating AI Navigating Control and Ethics

EasyChair Preprint no. 13144

14 pagesDate: April 30, 2024


At this juncture of big talks, critical issue are raised concerning AI
administration owners. Is it appropriate for only a few people to have
unrestricted control on AI commands while leaving out all precautionary
measure? Therefore, we have to always consider between control and
constraint when dealing with AI issues which involves authority plays off
against morality. The direction Artificial Intelligence takes in the future
depends on the decisions made by today’s generation. We will determine
how we are viewed historically in terms of technology based on how well
we take on such an important duty. There’s a major turning point ahead
of us where we who are the stewards of tomorrow must make a choice
that protects humanity’s right to self-determination and also exploits the
power of AI for change.

Keyphrases: AI Navigating, Artificial Intelligence, ethics, Humanity

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