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Design of Water Distribution Network for Tilgaon Village Using Epanet & Google Earth Pro

EasyChair Preprint no. 7673

5 pagesDate: March 29, 2022


This study presents the use of EPANET software in the design of the water distribution network for Tilgaon village, Wada taluka. The major purpose of providing a good distribution network is to provide sufficient pressure at each point with less loss. A water distribution network consists of pipes, tanks etc. EPANET software is simulation tool which is used for efficient distribution of water supply. For the analysis of existing water distribution system various data are required like, Main water source, Population of the area, Demand for water, Requirement of the pumps, Distribution Network, and water tanks. The Google Earth Image of Tilgaon village is downloaded and the elevation of a node, length of pipe was recorded for nearly 34 junctions and 47 pipes. These data were used in EPANET software for analysis of Pressure, Head loss, and Elevation. This analysis resulted in pressure and elevation at various nodes and head loss at various pipes.

Keyphrases: Elevation, EPANET, Nodes, pipes, water supply network

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