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Review Paper of Performance Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks

EasyChair Preprint no. 10512

10 pagesDate: July 8, 2023


In recent times where everything works under the influence of technology, the wireless sensor networks mostly used where the communication happens in between the machines. As the wireless sensor networks are wireless in nature and it’s accessible to network community and it has high chances of getting hacked, so we need to have a protection for the data in the network and to effectively protect the information, WSNs must always be authenticated, and shared keys must be created between deployed sensor nodes and their peers. Security researchers have attempted on numerous occasions to encrypt such data in this fashion. They are trying to discover solutions through multifactor authentication schemes. Regrettably, the bulk of their schemes are susceptible to potential security flaws, such as user impersonating assaults. To decrease computational and communication costs, a spatially unclonable characteristic safe authenticating & identifying method is suggested for biometric technology authentication and authorization. Furthermore, to preserve the anonymity of the session key, an indestructible session is established between the client, ground station, and nodes via an adaptive key exchange replace procedure. We exhibit a comparison to employing a detailed analysis.

Keyphrases: Authentication, Computation overheads, Fuzzy Logic, hash function, WSN

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