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Emotion and AI an Applied Contribute

EasyChair Preprint no. 11438

5 pagesDate: December 3, 2023


The involvement of external stakeholders in pedagogical activities in higher education has increased in recent years because this engagement has the greatest potential to improve student learning outcomes. This collaborative design approach aims to raise awareness of what learning can mean, by whom, and what learning with AI can look like, and emphasises the proactive involvement of companies, educators and students in co-designing the future they want, to help shape learning and life in an AI world. This paper presents a case of external stakeholder involvement in the design and implementation of an experiential learning project for an elective module of the Master in Leadership and Management at Roma Tre University, Italy, based on a pedagogical model. This contribution presents an applied case of a company that developed together with the university a training project that connects emotional education and includes all stakeholders. The Paper underscores the developed teaching model can serve as an effective means of engaging external stakeholders in planning and implementing significant classes for authentic learning at the university level.

Keyphrases: AI, company, Education, emotion, university stakeholder

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