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Review: Artificial Intelligence in Plant Disease Management

EasyChair Preprint no. 11206

7 pagesDate: October 31, 2023


The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture has brought about transformative changes, particularly in the domain of plant disease management. Plant diseases pose significant threats to crop yields, impacting global food security and economic stability. This abstract presents an overview of the role of AI in revolutionizing plant disease detection and management strategies.AI technologies, including machine learning and computer vision, are employed to process and analyze vast volumes of data, encompassing images, sensor readings, and environmental parameters. Through pattern recognition and data-driven learning, AI systems exhibit an impressive capacity to accurately identify early signs of plant diseases that might elude human observation. This precision enables timely interventions and tailored treatments, reducing the need for indiscriminate pesticide use and minimizing environmental consequences.

Keyphrases: AI, computer vision, Plant Disease

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