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Fake News Social Media: a Data Science Perspective

EasyChair Preprint no. 8285

7 pagesDate: June 18, 2022


in this paper we talk about fake news. We are trying to know what fake news is and what the impact in our society. We discuss how to know fake news and how does it spread so quickly. The big problem of finding fake news or not it’s too difficult to know. If we can try to find how is fake news and how’s not it not working form not every news. Because fake news right very pacific way that everyone can believe easily. Everything we see today, we learn, either from online news or from social media apps. Most of time we spend on this platforms and we see random news and we find that’s really big impact on our politics, economy, health, business sector and our society we can see some communal violence. We find the way of solving this problem in some easy way and see how technology helping as to solve this problem. We can use data science methods to solve fake news problem. Like Evaluation Metrics, machine learning methods and mathematics trics.

Keyphrases: Application-arranged, Assessing Detection Efficacy, Fake News Detection

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