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Construction of Vertical Drainage Wells Using Corrosion Resistant Materials

EasyChair Preprint no. 5003

8 pagesDate: February 22, 2021


   The main task of vertical drainage wells is land reclamation. They perform dual tasks; land reclamation and irrigation of agricultural crops. Water wells are characterized by a decrease in their production rates during operation. To ensure the stable operation of the wells, repair and restoration work is carried out to increase production rates. For the construction of vertical drainage wells in the Sirdarya river basin, steel pipes and filters are mainly used, which corrode in an aggressive environment. In addition to the metal corrosion process, there is also a colmatation process, which is the main reason for a decrease in well production. The carried out repair and restoration measures are directed against corrosion and clogging. To clean well filters in practice, mechanical, physical, biological and chemical methods are used. However, all these technologies do not exclude the repeatability of the process. Therefore, in order to prevent the corrosion process, polymethyl-seam pipes were used as a filter cage and casing for the construction of vertical drainage wells. Two test wells were built on the territory of the Kyzylorda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The wells were drilled with a rotary drilling unit with backwash. Pure water (irrigation) was used as drilling fluid. Pipe sections of 10 meters, in each section steel rings were put on the pipe. Steel fittings were welded to the steel rings along the length of the pipe, and set at 120 degrees. The results showed that in the initial period of operation, a decrease was observed, then the flow rate of the wells stabilized. As a result of construction with the use of pipes and filters made of polymer material, the effect was achieved in terms of water volume more than 3 times and in terms of service life 4.2 times compared to a metal filter well.     

Keyphrases: construction, effect., material, operation, repair, Technology, water, well

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