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Securing Data in Decentralized Cloud Storage Using Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 4659

6 pagesDate: November 27, 2020


Now a day’s large amount of data is stored on cloud storage which is required to be protected from the unauthorized users. To maintain the privacy of data various algorithms are used to protect data so that data can be provide (CIA) confidentiality, integrity, accessibility. However, the existing of centralized cloud storage lacks to provides these CIA properties. So, to enhance the data storing technique(DCS) decentralized cloud storage is used and with the help of blockchain technology it is effectively helps to protect data from tampering or deleting a part of data. For any kind of data blockchain stores it in number of blocks which are linked in continuous order through hash value in order to reduce the chances of data altering. For this purpose, SHA-512 algorithm is use to implement the blockchain technology, because it works on hashing function when data is given to its input. Hashing algorithm used in many aspects where security of data is required such as message digest, password verification, digital certificates or even a blockchain. By the combination ofthesemethods makes data more secure and reliable to user who access data which is store on cloud storage. However, with the help of various algorithms we enhance the security of data by encryption. In this paper (AES) Advance Encryption Standard is used to encrypt and decrypt the data due to significant features of this algorithm

Keyphrases: Advance Encryption Standard, Blockchain, decentralized cloud storage, SHA-512

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