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Analyze Dark Web and Security Threats

EasyChair Preprint no. 8384

10 pagesDate: July 5, 2022


Deepest area of data storage where data mining and data management is not possible without Tor (network) Policy is known as Dark web. Dark web is paradise for Government and Private sponsored cyber criminals. In another words Dark web is known as underworld of Internet used for sponsored and organized cyber crime. Tor network at the entry relay /guard user original source IP replaced with local IP (i.e. by default by default and every user machine ID (IP) recognize as local IP ( A single source IP allocated for each user without collision make user anomaly or invisible over Internet. Tor browser work similar VPN by default as function to hide original source IP, but advantage is Tor network’s volunteer devices are use as tunnel to establish communication and offer freedom from surveillance of user activity. Tor browser offer circuit (IP Route) for user activity, where circuit allot available Tor IP at exit relay for user. Dark web use same IP at entry relay around the world, but at exit relay IP is different and available based on country. In Dark web network data transfer as encapsulation of packet / massage is placed after 3-layer of different encryption.

Keyphrases: cyber threat, Darknet, Darkweb, Deepweb, Project Onion, Tor, VPN

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