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Time "and" Dimension(s) - Visualizing the 4th and 4+ Dimensions

EasyChair Preprint no. 10402

12 pagesDate: June 15, 2023


As we know so far, there are 3 dimensions that we are capable of interpreting and perceiving, and there is a 4th dimension, called time, about which we don’t know much yet. We, as humans, live in the 4th dimension, not the 3rd. We travel 3 dimensionally but cannot yet travel 4 dimensionally; perhaps if we could, then visiting the past and the future would be like climbing a mountain or going down a road. So far, we humans are not even capable of imagining any higher dimensions than the three dimensions in which we can travel. We are the beings of the 4th dimension; we are the beings of time; that is why we can travel 3 dimensionally; however, if, say, there were beings of the 5th dimension, then they would easily be able to travel 4 dimensionally, i.e., they could travel in the 4 th dimension as well. Beings of the 5th dimension can easily time travel. However, beings of the 4th dimension, like us, cannot time travel because we live in a 4-D world, traveling 3 dimensionally. That means to ever do time travel, we just need to go to a higher dimension and not only perceive it but also be able to travel in it. However, traveling to the past is not very possible, unlike traveling to the future. Even if traveling to the past were possible, it would be very unlikely that an event in the past would be changed. In this paper, some approaches are provided to define time, our movement in time to the future, some aspects of time travel using dimensions, and how we can perceive a higher dimension.

Keyphrases: Dimensions, Relativity, string theory, time, time travel

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