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Microfluidics in Drug Delivery: Enhancing Therapeutic Efficacy and Precision

EasyChair Preprint no. 11555

9 pagesDate: December 17, 2023


Microfluidics has emerged as a promising technology in drug delivery, offering novel approaches to enhance therapeutic efficacy and precision in treatment. This review aims to elucidate the recent advancements and applications of microfluidic systems in drug delivery. It focuses on their ability to address challenges such as dosage control, targeted delivery, and personalized medicine. One key advantage of microfluidic devices is their capability to precisely manipulate small volumes of fluids, enabling the development of drug delivery systems with enhanced control over drug release kinetics. These platforms allow for the precise tuning of parameters such as flow rates, mixing profiles, and particle sizes, leading to drug formulations tailored to specific therapeutic needs. Moreover, microfluidic-based systems facilitate targeted drug delivery by designing smart and responsive drug carriers. By incorporating stimuli-responsive materials and surface modifications, these devices enable site-specific drug release, reducing off-target effects and minimizing systemic toxicity. This integration enhances our understanding of drug interactions within the human body, allowing for more accurate predictions of therapeutic outcomes. These devices offer the potential for on-demand production of personalized therapies, tailoring treatments to individual patient characteristics and disease profiles.

Keyphrases: drug delivery systems, Microfluidics, therapeutic efficacy

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