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Design and Implementation of Low-Cost Electric Vehicles (Evs) Supercharger: a Comprehensive Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 12835

11 pagesDate: March 29, 2024


The shift to environmentally friendly transportation necessitates creative ways to get around acceptance barriers for electric vehicles (EVs), particularly those related to charging infrastructure. This thorough analysis examines the development and application of affordable EV superchargers as a crucial first step toward improving the practicality and accessibility of electric mobility. This analysis starts with a summary of the state of EV charging technologies and issues and then dives into the main factors influencing the creation of affordable supercharging solutions. Strict attention is paid to several design strategies and technology developments, such as hardware components, power electronics, and smart grid integration, with an emphasis on price without sacrificing performance. In order to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of EV supercharging systems, the evaluation also looks into new trends like wireless charging and the integration of renewable energy sources. Evaluations of case studies and experimental evaluations are used to determine the viability and effectiveness of inexpensive superchargers at various scales and applications.

Keyphrases: Battery Materials, electric vehicles, electrical power, Optimization

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