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Mathematical Modelling of Subsurface Seepage Flow in 2-Dimensional Anisotropic Porous Medium

EasyChair Preprint no. 3319

6 pagesDate: May 2, 2020


Prediction of water table fluctuation using mathematical models is an emerging technology. An analytical solution to predict the dynamic behaviour of water table fluctuation in an anisotropic unconfined aquifer is presented in this paper. The aquifer overlying on leaky base is subjected to artificial recharge from top and withdrawal from wells. In 2-Dimensional aquifer number of basins and well is been considered. Two cases based on different hydrological systems is been analyzed. In the first case aquifer is having two sides no flow condition and in the second case isolated aquifer-all sides impervious is studied. The seepage flow is approximated by non-linear partial differential equation called Boussinesq equation, and is solved by finite Fourier transforms. The application of closed-form solution is demonstrated using an illustrative example. The effect of aquifer parameter on the formation of groundwater mound and cone of depression due to recharge and withdrawal are discussed. The effect of permeability of aquifer base is also observed.   

Keyphrases: Boussinesq equation, Fourier transform, Leaky base, Recharges, withdrawal

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