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Consumer Perception Towards Online Shopping

EasyChair Preprint no. 3991

31 pagesDate: August 2, 2020


In today's world the only competitive element is 'Time'. Every human would do any possible thing in order to save the scarce element called time. Time has become the most important for both everyone in our society. Shopping malls even though becoming very popular but due to the constraint of time and resources, sometimes it is extremely difficult for us to go out physically. Shopping nothing but inevitable for everyone whether we like it or not, as shopping has to be done from basic commodities to extravagant goods. Hence there is a new concept that enables us to do shopping without going anywhere, it is 'Online shopping'.

Online Shopping not only helps to minimise the time taken to buy any product, also gives benefits to the consumers by giving them various offers, deals, and giving them convenient way of making payment. Now-a-days people do not hesitate in making payment via debit/credit card, Net banking etc., which gives a provider a great deal of advantage.

This project aims to highlight the factors that have an influence on Online shopping, the motive for selecting online shopping over brick and mortar.

Keyphrases: Income preference, online shopping, Payment preference

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