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A Novel Encoding/Decoding Scheme with Belief Propagation and LDPC Codes

EasyChair Preprint no. 6718

9 pagesDate: September 28, 2021


Decoding plays an important role for the reliability and success of modern data communication because this communication is an inherent part of our daily lives nowadays. However, as with almost all types of communication, data communication is also affected by error. Error in communication mainly occurs across the communication channel and its effect is very severe at times. Depending on the type of error, the codeword transmitted across the channel can be partially or totally changed. So, the information transmitted can be lost permanently due to error.  The concept of error correction is to introduce redundant data in the information during the transfer of data. The receiver can check the redundant data in the received message and can determine the consistency of the sent message. It can also check the redundant data to detect errors transmitted in the message and can correct the errors, if any. In this context, the principle of loopy Belief Propagation used by the LDPC codes comes with an excellent error correction performance. The goal of this thesis is to set up a framework to describe the LDPC code constraints, compute probabilities in trellises and finally generate transfer vectors for loopy Belief Propagation model.

Keyphrases: belief propagation, Encoder/Decoder, Inter-leaver, LDPC code

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