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A Critical Review: SANET and Other Variants of Ad Hoc Networks

EasyChair Preprint no. 5665

20 pagesDate: June 2, 2021


In recent years the technology has advanced and developed at a tremendous rate, wireless mobile ad hoc networks and its variants have played a salient role in several critical applications. Due to the different topologies and features the variants of ad hoc networks have become a networking standard to explore the unmapped and unplumbed areas of land and oceans where infrastructure-based networks cannot be installed. The variants of ad hoc networks, like, flying ad hoc networks (FANETs) have nodes that operate on high altitudes with lower node density and in Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) nodes operate on the ground with higher mobility. Similarly, Sea ad hoc networks (SANETs) is relatively an unexplored area of research. Therefore, in the presented exposition, a detailed critical review of SANETs is given. Additionally, differences between SANETs and other variants of ad hoc networks are also provided. SANETs facilitate applications for seismic monitoring, environment monitoring, military uses and many more. The paper also provides the overview of the challenges needed to overcome for the development of SANET system. Some of the challenges are security and peer to peer connections. Different deployment procedures and their issues related to the discussed technology are also scrutinized. Moreover, the different routing protocols are analysed and their applications in SANETs are studied. Finally, future areas of research and development in SANETs are also discussed.

Keyphrases: Ad hoc network, AUV, distributed system, FANET, MANET, SANET, USV, VANET

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