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Some Considerations on Nonverbal Communication

EasyChair Preprint no. 11076

11 pagesDate: October 12, 2023


Relations that arise within the framework of communication are different and have a certain informational content. Non-verbal communication is a type of non-verbal communication between the speaker and the listener, which is used to supplement the verbal means, it is voluntary and involuntary. Nonverbal means are auxiliary means to verbal means that increase the effectiveness of speech. In many cases, in the exchange of people's thoughts, various nonverbal means are used together with linguistic units, that is, body movements, facial expressions, eye gaze, hand movements and tone of voice is used. Each of these tools is subordinated to a pragmatic goal in a speech situation. The meanings of the non-verbal means of conveying a message to the person to whom the speech is directed participate only in that speech situation with one meaning. Its functional pragmatic function can change depending on the speech process. Non-verbal communication is used to convey information about a person's racial and social characteristics, their mental, physical and emotional state, their attitude to a specific situation or a specific person or object, as well as the psychological climate in the community. The contextual situation is important in the use of gestures in accordance with verbal means.

Keyphrases: communication, gestures, nonverbal, verbal

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