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Filter Characteristic of a Triangular Periodic Transmission Line in Micro-Strip Structure

EasyChair Preprint no. 5321

6 pagesDate: April 14, 2021


We have studied the wave propagation through a microstrip transmission line which is a periodic structure and the width of which is modulated by a triangular shape. Various characteristics like propagation constant, characteristic impedance of the microstrip transmission have been studied. Here the periodic structure is divided into unit cells and the electromagnetic field supported by each unit cell has been determined analytically. The wave amplitude transmission (WAT) matrix of each radial section of a cell is determined and then combined to determine the overall WAT matrix of the unit cell. With the help of WAT matrix various characteristics of the structure has been explored. The expression thus obtained is simulated using MATLAB software. The nature of the wave transmission through the micro strip line has been studied for different dimension of the line and for different range of frequencies. It is seen that this periodic structure exhibits alternate pass bands and stop bands. For a particular dimension the micro strip transmission line has been fabricated. The wave transmission through the line and presence of pass band and stop band has been tested experimentally.

Keyphrases: Microstrip transmission lines, microwave filter, periodic structures

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