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Supply Chain Complexity and Supply Chain Resilience: a Literature Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 9804

10 pagesDate: March 1, 2023


The increasing globalization of economy and advancements in technology are forcing fierce competition in the market. It leads to the fact the complexity of the supply chain has increased in the recent years, such that supply chains are becoming more complex than ever because of the increasing uncertainties of the business environment. To this end, global supply chains present complex relationships and interactions between entities, raising new challenges for both researchers and practitioners.

The impact of supply chain complexity on firm performance has been investigated in literature. In general, higher complexity in a supply chain is known to generate adverse outcomes on supply chains such as higher operational costs, poorer customer satisfaction, delayed delivery, and lack of information sharing and integration among supply chain partners. However, its potential effect on supply chain resilience under disruption risks are not extensively studied.

To this end, this paper aims to provide a literature review, specifically focusing on the interactions between supply chain complexity and supply chain resilience under supply chain risk events and disruptions.

Keyphrases: literature review, Supply chain complexity, Supply Chain Resilience, supply chain risk

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