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Granular Flow Through Porous Media: Implications for Geological Fluid Dynamics

EasyChair Preprint no. 10994

6 pagesDate: September 30, 2023


Granular fluid dynamics is a captivating branch of science that delves into the intricate
behaviors exhibited by collections of solid particles when they take on fluid-like characteristics.
This field bridges the gap between classical fluid dynamics and the mechanics of granular
materials, presenting a rich tapestry of phenomena that challenge our understanding of both
realms. This abstract provides an overview of the key concepts and phenomena in granular fluid
dynamics. We explore the dynamics of granular flows, including dense suspensions, where
particles interact both collectively and individually, leading to a complex interplay between shear
forces, collisions, and friction. These systems often exhibit segregation, clustering, and jamming
behaviors, which are unique to granular materials. Furthermore, we investigate the role of
boundary conditions and geometrical constraints on granular flows, uncovering intriguing
analogies with classical fluid mechanics. Granular flow through constricted geometries, rotating
drums, and porous media challenge our intuition and invites the application of fluid dynamics
principles to better understand and predict the behavior of granular materials.

Keyphrases: fd, fluid dynamics, Physics

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