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Cloud Based IoT Platforms for Home Automation System

EasyChair Preprint no. 11211

7 pagesDate: November 1, 2023


This research project focuses on developing and implementing a Cloud-based IoT platform for smart home automation, focusing on enhancing user experience and remote control functionality. The study uses hardware components like the Pir Sensor, MQ-2 Sensor, and DHT11 Sensor to construct easy to use and intelligent home environment. The research explores the existing knowledge on IoT in smart home automation, cloud-based IoT platforms, and user-centric aspects of such systems. The hardware components are thoroughly described and integrated into the smart home system, emphasizing connectivity and communication protocols. The research investigates the design of a user-friendly interface, advanced remote control functionalities, and the interlinking of AI-ML to automate smart home operations. Measures are taken to ensure data privacy and security within the cloud-based IoT environment, including data encryption, access control, and authorization mechanisms. The results and findings section showcases improvements in user experience and remote control functionalities, while the discussion section identifies potential limitations and challenges. The research project contributes to the evolution of smart home automation and underscores significant enhancements in user experience, remote control functionality, and data privacy within cloud-based IoT.

Keyphrases: Cloud-based IoT, data privacy, Keywords—Smart home automation, remote control functionality, Security, user experience enhancement

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