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Credit Card Fraud Detection using Machine Learning Algorithms

EasyChair Preprint no. 6056

6 pagesDate: July 13, 2021


It is important that companies that produce credit cards are able to detect fraudulent credit card transactions customers need to pay for things they don't need to buy. These issues can be addressed through data science and its importance, along with machines, cannot be emphasized enough. The goal is to show an artificial dataset using machine learning during credit card fraud. The problem of detecting falsification of credit cards involves modeling, ex-credit card transactions, data turned out to be in the position of fraud. This model is then used to determine whether the new operating system is fraudulent or not. Our goal is to find 100% fraudulent transactions here, and at the same time, minimize false rating scams. Fraud detection, credit cards-a typical example of a presentation. In this process, we focus, analyze, and pre-process data sets, as well as placing multiple anomaly detection algorithms as an inconvenient factor Isolation algorithm for forests of ATP-transformed credit card transaction data.

Keyphrases: Applications of machine learning, credit card fraud, Data Science

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