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The Bouquet of Features in Rolling Stock Rotation Planning

EasyChair Preprint no. 9834

17 pagesDate: March 6, 2023


Rolling stock is one of the major assets for a railway transportation company. Hence,
their utilization should be as efficiently and effectively as possible. Railway undertakings are facing rolling stock scheduling challenges in different forms - from rather idealized weekly strategic problems to very concrete operational ones. Thus, a vast of optimization models with different features and objectives exist. Thorlacius [2015] provides a comprehensive and valuable collection on technical requirements, models, and methods considered in the scientific literature. We contribute with an update including recent works. The main focus of the paper is to present a classification and elaboration of the major features which our solver R-OPT is able to handle. Moreover, the basic optimization model and algorithmic ingredients of R-OPT are discussed. Finally, we present computational results for a cargo application at SBB Cargo and other railway undertakings for passenger traffic in Europe to show the capabilities of R-OPT.

Keyphrases: heuristic, layered graph algorithms, Optimization, Rolling Stock Rotation Planning, vehicle scheduling

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