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Computing (n x n) Matrices’ Algebra

EasyChair Preprint no. 9498

5 pagesDate: December 20, 2022


Mathematics is in everything we find in life. Mathematics is on our mental thinking. From our daily digit world of our lives nowadays: like cameras, televisions, computers and telephones to computing mathematics can solve a lot of things without common mistakes. Matrices with open sizes can resolve a large number of things; i.e., resolutions of games 3D, graphics, science, animations, economics, encryption, geography, physics, constructions, signal processing and pattern recognition. In statistics, matrices solving can calculate probabilities matrices like that of predictions, especially with large size one. Matrix or Matrices are used in optic science to account for refraction and reflection. The results obtained are satisfactory and reliable. They can be improved to solve simultaneous equations with n variables, to solve many applications.

Keyphrases: Algorithms, Applied statistics, linear algebra, mathematics, Matrices’ Determinants, Matrices’ Factorization, Matrices’ Inverses, Matrices’ Transposes

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