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Impact mitigation of urban construction: logistics solutions and strategies in Europe

EasyChair Preprint no. 93

9 pagesDate: April 24, 2018


The construction sector affects urban logistics, yet its important impacts have often been neglected in urban policies. This paper discusses the need for solutions to mitigate freight urban logistics and shows the findings of the H2020 project SUCCESS with respect to the introduction of Construction Consolidation Centres (CCCs). It was found that introduction of CCCs could bring great environmental, societal and economic benefits, even though each project must be considered individually. 

A model was developed to estimate the impacts of CCCs based on the input data of four construction sites in big cities in Europe. Simulations were performed to generate a number of scenarios, which were used as input to the mathematical model of the stochastic facility location problem. Information collected at the construction sites and the stochastic data generated were used to produce a series of KPIs to evaluate the opportunity of using a CCC and its sustainability.

We also investigated construction logistics in 12 European cities, analysing their approach, solutions adopted and policy frameworks in place through. Having analysed ases from large and medium-sized European cities, the paper represents a very extensive study in terms of urban logistics impacts and solutions related to the construction sector. The implications of these findings are discussed to improve policies in construction logistics.

Keyphrases: city logistics, consolidation centers, construction logistics, construction site, modelling, simulation

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