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Digitalization of Science as a Modern Trend of the Information Society Development

EasyChair Preprint no. 4354

13 pagesDate: October 10, 2020


This research is aimed to analyze the state of science digitization in Ukraine and also identifies the main problems and priority directions for the further development of science digitization as a major factor in the information society development and digital economy in our country. The authors propose definitions of digitization in general and digitization of science in particular. It is noted that the problems of digitization in Ukraine are directly related to the general problems of national science, which in its turn are caused by the difficult and unstable economic and social situation in the country. One of the main problems hampering the digitization process is the gradual reduction in the cost of science funding over the last years, which is illustrated by official statistics, leading to a reduction in overall scientific activity. The authors have developed a list of recommendations for overcoming existing problems and further development of the digitization of science in Ukraine.

Keyphrases: digital economy, digital infrastructure, digital technologies, Science Digitization

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