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IoT Based Street Light Controlling and Monitoring Webserver

EasyChair Preprint no. 1621

7 pagesDate: October 10, 2019


The project has been aimed at achieving a solution for huge energy wastage by introducing a method to control and monitor the ON and OFF timings of street lights by both automatically and manually from a remote location using Internet of Things (IoT). Conventional street lights in most of the areas are turned ON and OFF manually in the evening before the sun sets and the next day morning after there is sufficient sunlight and do not have a controlling system.

The complete setup incorporates the use of Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) for sensing the light intensity in the environment and the sunlight falling on them to control the street lights. The lights will automatically glow once the sun goes down or at times when the intensity of light falling on the sensors diminishes due to stormy weather.

A major leap has been taken in the project by using ESP 8266 Wi-Fi module for integrating the sensor with the street light and also for monitoring and controlling the whole network in real time from any remote location through the internet. 04 Nos. of modules have been utilized for controlling, range extension and security. Mosquito broker in MQTT protocol has been utilized for the network set up. In the controlling module, the sensors will send the data to the modules which in turn will send it to the server through a chain of Wi-Fi modules configured as repeaters thus obtaining range extension to the network. Resilience in the network has been achieved by using a secondary ESP 8266 as a repeater since the network communication relies on the repeaters. Security to the network has been addressed by introducing a de-authenticator such that any intruder trying to access into the network will be interfered.

Keyphrases: Range extension, Resilience, Security

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