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Optimal Solar Hybridization of a Grid-Connected Gas Turbine Combined ‎Cycle Power Plant: a Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 7072

4 pagesDate: November 22, 2021


In this paper, three configurations have been proposed for adding the solar cycle in the heat recovery ‎steam generator (HRSG) of gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plant. The ‎attempt is made to determine the best configuration of the solar cycle regarding the performance, ‎thermodynamic efficiency, and economic indices in a way that the primary cycle faces with the least ‎modifications and capital costs due to integration. Solar parabolic troughs have been used for adding solar auxiliary heat to the HRSG. The fundamental novelty of this paper originated from proposing new ‎configurations for adding solar auxiliary heat to the system while some constraints have been imposed on the system for having the least capital costs and ‎modifications.‎ Following analyses are conducted in the study:‎

‎-‎Real-time Simulation of the Qom combined cycle power plant.‎ ‎-‎Capital cost-minimizing prototypes proposed for integrating solar thermal energy into Gas turbine combined cycle. ‎ ‎-‎The first-law analysis is performed for finding the efficiency of the models and identifying ‎the superior case. ‎-‎The exergy analysis is carried out for finding the source of significant losses in ‎the system and components.‎ ‎-HRSG has been studied extensively for the proposed configurations and the components with the highest irreversibilities spotted. -‎A comprehensive economic assessment has been done for identifying the economical case.‎

‎The outcome of the study indicated adding the solar heat to the hotter segments of the HRSG such as ‎superheater causes an increase in the flue gas pinch point temperature at the high-pressure evaporator ‎section which has identified as the most heat absorbing component of the HRSG. Therefore, higher ‎thermodynamic efficiencies and better performance have been observed for this case. Also, the same ‎case has shown superiority in most of the economic indices and a higher cash flow obtained compared to the cases.‎

Keyphrases: economic assessment, Exergy analysis, first law analysis, gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plant, Integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC), Optimization

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