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Groundwater as an Additional Source of Irrigation.

EasyChair Preprint no. 4600

9 pagesDate: November 19, 2020


In the Fergana region, due to the change in climatic conditions, there is a problem of a shortage of irrigated water. At the same time, the region considers a low level of groundwater, which is constantly pumped out by vertical drainage wells. There are enough working vertical drainage wells in the region. But when pumping out, water from vertical drainage wells is discharged into the collector-drainage water. The goal of our field experiment is to use this water for irrigation and thereby reduce the scarcity of irrigation water.

The field experiment was carried out on a 5-hectare field of cotton cultivar S-6524. Studies have shown that the salinity of the pumped-out water at the experimental site is 1 g / l. According to the classification of use, they are suitable for irrigation. The conducted field experiment showed that the full use of vertical drainage water from one well for irrigation, with a flow rate of 30 l / s, can irrigate an average of 40 hectares of land.

The results of the experiments showed that a change in the water-salt regime of soils and irrigation with low-mineralized pumped water against the background of the adopted regime and norms of irrigation, normal agrotechnical and organizational measures did not have a negative effect on the yield of cotton. On the experimental plot, the average yield was reached within the range of 26.4-26.5 c / ha. On the control plot, when irrigated with irrigation water, the yield was slightly higher: 26.7-27 centners / ha, that is, the difference in plant productivity in the two plots was small.

Keyphrases: collector-drainage network, Field experiment., hydraulic structures, vertical drainage, water supply

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