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Energy Persistence Beyond Planck Scale

EasyChair Preprint no. 11265

5 pagesDate: November 7, 2023


The persistent pursuit to unravel the profound mysteries of the universe has been the driving force propelling scientific exploration. In this relentless quest, humanity has ventured into the microscopic realms of matter and gazed into the unfathomable expanse of space. However, the deeper we delve into the cosmos, the more we grapple with the enigmatic boundaries of our perception. One such boundary, Planck's length, symbolized as l_P stands as a fundamental constant in physics, marking the threshold where quantum effects come to the fore. At this infinitesimal scale, our comprehension of the physical world encounters its limitations, as the very fabric of space-time unveils its quantum nature. This paper embarks on a captivating exploration: the proposition that beyond Planck's length, energy, delineated by the equation E=hf, persists even when it eludes our senses due to the restrictions of our inherent perceptibility. As we navigate these frontiers, we grapple with the complexities of understanding and quantifying phenomena that reside beyond our conventional perceptual horizon. We scrutinize this intriguing concept through the lens of three scientifically plausible propositions.

Keyphrases: dark energy, dark matter, energy conservation, gravitational constant, Imperceptibility, Planck constant, Planck scale

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