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Social Media Analysis on Fast Food Using Machine Learning Algorithms

EasyChair Preprint no. 3408

5 pagesDate: May 15, 2020


This paper is design to knowing the usage of social media in fast food industry.  The data were collected using a survey instrument which was contained a questioner paper. It contains fast food frequency and meal option that mostly people like to eat. It was mostly collecting from the people called themselves as ‘Foodies’. The collected data was analysis and structured through different methods. The finding indicates that the social media advertisement put positive impact on the product or on the industry.

 The results show that the social media advertisement is playing important role in the success of the any industry. It also important that the manger of the company or a brand to give importance to the marketing on social media platforms. It can also build a strong relationship between the customer and the service or product in easy and cost effective manners.  Such these activities would help them to establish a successful relationship with the customer in order to knowing their needs and response to their issues on the time. In this research we will see which age people mostly connected with fast food industry through the social media networks.

Keyphrases: fast food, Machine Learning Algorithms, social media

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