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Study on Student Spinal Deformity by Formetric Scanning Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 8094

7 pagesDate: May 28, 2022


The increasing trend of time and pressure of students in learning process with inadequate attention to health has made spinal abnormal symptoms more and more common in the world. In particular, spinal deformity is one of the causes affecting the normal development of adolescents, causing a number of circulatory and respiratory diseases and leading to psychological effects as well. Therefore, early detection of spinal deformities is very important in routine scoliosis screening at secondary school. The purpose of this study is to investigate the actual status of spinal deformity in students using DIERS formetric 4D device, as well as to find out some leading causes in order to propose recommendation to avoid them. Pilot experimental measurements were carried out on a group of 9 students composed of 4 male and 5 female. This is a new spine measurement method no using ionizing radiation, giving multiparameter results and suitable for routine scoliosis screening for all ages. The results showed that all 5/9 students have had abnormal signs such as lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis. Three of 4 female students have showed large pelvic deviations. The above cases can be caused by the prolonged sitting time, the lack of physical exercise and wrong sitting posture. Abnormal cases in women have some common features of living habits. Mentioned results partly shows the risk factors consistent with common surveys that need the proper attention of government, education system and community about spine health monitoring.

Keyphrases: DIERS formetric 4D, routine scoliosis screening, Scoliosis

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