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Design And Development of Conventional Energy Using Varying Load on Staircase

EasyChair Preprint no. 5444

18 pagesDate: May 4, 2021


We are using the non-renewable energy sources such as petroleum as well as renewable sources like solar, wind, tidal power etc., but still we couldn't overcome our power needs. So we have to generate electricity through each and every possible ways. Power can be generated through we are stepping on the stairs; the generated power will be stored and can be used for domestic purposes. This system can be installed at homes, colleges, railway stations, where the people move around the clock. The utilization of waste energy of human foot power is very much relevant and important for populated countries like India and China. There is a great possibility of tapping this energy and generating power by making every staircase as a gear power generation unit. The generated power can be stored by battery and it will be used for lightening the building. The project is concerned with generation of electricity from speed breakers-like set up. The load will acted upon the step & further the load will transmitted to rack and pinion arrangements. Here the reciprocating motion of the step is converted into rotary motion using the rack and pinion arrangement. The axis of the pinion is coupled with the gear arrangement. The gear arrangement is made of two gears. One of larger size and the other of smaller size. Both the gears are connected which serves in transmitting power from the larger gear to the smaller gear. As the power is transmitted from the larger gear to the smaller gear, the speed that is available at the larger gear is relatively multiplied at the rotation of the smaller gear.

Keyphrases: conventional, convert, Energy, power, Rack-pinion Gear, steps

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